Environmental Policy

At Downlands Packaging we are committed to providing a policy on packaging that minimises the impact on the environment and promotes recycling and sustainability.
We work in compliance with environmental legislation and work to best practise for pollution prevention and material recycling.
We always work (wherever possible) with materials that have, or can be fully recycled.
We promote the re-use of packaging materials.
Promotion of environmental awareness among our employees.


  • Approx 80% of the corrugated packaging used in the UK is recycled .
  • The recycling of corrugated packaging minimises waste disposal to landfill and
  • Reduces the need for virgin wood pulp.

At Downlands:

  • We Bale all our our corrugated offcuts etc – to be recycled or re-used.
  • By agreement with some customers we collect their corrugated waste to be baled.
  • We work with Jiffy packaging to return polyethylene offcuts to be used / recycled
  • We have a bio mass boiler to burn broken pallets etc to provide heat in the winter.
  • We have all useable pallets collected to be re-used

Environmental Policy

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