Packaging for export

When packaging a product for export you need to keep in mind the four major factors: breakage, weight, moisture and pilferage.

Also, how a product is packaged depends upon the destination and the method of transportation. Your package must be designed to handle the following stress factors: repeated loading and unloading, being unloaded in the rain and stored in the open, stacked, pushed, shoved, dragged, dropped, processed on a conveyer belt even sent down a chute.
If your buyer does not give any packaging specifications you can contact your freight forwarder to provide packaging information. Packaging for air shipments requires lighter packaging than ocean shipments.  (To avoid theft in transit it is best to use plain boxes without logos or name brands.)

Also, because transportation costs are determined by volume and weight, special reinforced and lightweight packing materials have been devised for exporting. Packing goods to minimize weight and volume may save money as well as ensuring that goods are properly packed. Be sure to pack goods in strong containers with the weight evenly distributed within the container. If possible pack goods on pallets for easy handling. A filler made of moisture-resistant material is imperative.

At Downlands Packaging, we can design and advise you on the best packaging solution for exporting your products. 
Protect your export products with our custom designed and made timber, plywood and export grade card cases and crates.
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